I guess you could say photography runs in our family....

During World War II, my grandfather ran an electronics shop during the day and at night would be on the roof watching for air raids over London. He was an avid photographer and his photographs hang on my wall as inspiration. He is pictured with his photography club and Rolleicord twin lens reflex camera strapped across his chest (Third from the right).

My father bought his first single lens reflex camera in the Bahamas in the 1970's. I remember playing with that Konica SLR film camera back in high school and learning about aperture, exposure and shutter speed.

After playing around with that film camera system, using a variety of different digital point and shoots, I finally bought my first proper DSLR in 2008. A Canon system that allowed me to play further with photography.

I subsequently realized a few years later that with the mirrorless interchangeable lens systems, I could adapt the old Konica lenses to a digital system. This allowed me to adapt my father's old glass film camera lenses to a digital camera system and play with much wider aperture lenses with better glass than I could afford at the time. This creative catalyst pushed further into photography.

I love taking all types of photos, but capturing the beauty of the natural world is what really drives me. I hope you can enjoy my portfolio of work that I have selected to display on my site. If you'd like to support my creative project, take a look at the shop where you are able to purchase my greeting cards and custom prints of any of my images.